West Point Inn by Kid Cowboy

Don’t miss: West Point Inn pancake breakfast Sunday

A few weeks ago, the Name That Photo challenge was a beautiful night time view from the West Point Inn within Mt. Tamalpais State Park. This Sunday you can support the inn with one of their periodic pancake breakfasts and check out the location if you haven’t been there before.


    Sunday, July 8, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. (get there early and you might get some of the leftover special fruit topping they often make for the volunteers before the event starts, otherwise it’s standard pancakes and syrup).


    $10 for adults / $5 for kids


    Nope, just show up


    The inn is maintained by about 200 volunteers; the money raised helps to maintain the historic inn (which is worth planning a future stay at as well).

    Getting there?

    You have to hike to the inn. I generally start at either Bootjack or Pan Toll trailheads, but you can get there from other starting points in Mt. Tam as well. Here are some options from the inn’s Web site. Here’s a brochure with a good map of the park (including the inn) as well.

If you aren’t familiar with the West Point Inn, it was at one time located along a railroad that took the wealthy up the mountain, but today you have to hike in. Rooms and cabins run just $50/night in the high season which is a steal to have a nearly private spot on the side of the mountain after the park closes. Bring a bottle of wine and food to cook in the gas-powered kitchen (there’s no electricity); then watch the fog roll in over the city and bay from the wraparound porch as you eat your evening meal. Nothing beats it.

If you can’t make it Sunday, there will be pancake breakfasts on August 12, September 9 and October 14 (last of the season).

Photo credit: West Point Inn by Kid Cowboy