Night-time view from the West Point Inn

Name that photo: Nighttime view with a bed

There aren’t many places within state parks in the Bay Area where you can sleep in a real bed (not camping) and have a view like the one above after sundown. Do you think you know where this photo was taken?

Additional hint 6/25: Since we’re still looking for the answer, here’s another hint: While you can sleep here, take a shower here and even cook dinner here, you cannot drive here. Spending the night takes a hike.

Post your guesses in the comments below – you can ask questions, take stabs in the dark or simply show off your expertise with an straight up correct answer. Points for accuracy and for humor.

The prize: Hikerly fame. I’ll be keeping a very unscientific leaderboard with points awarded for accuracy, sense of humor and anything else I think deserves credit, and when we’re all done, the person who has the most points will be honored on and get my personal adoration. What more could you want?

Check out previous “Name That Photo” challenges. Current leader: Tie between KMberger and Randy with 10 points each.

Light up the leader board: Where is this view?

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Update June 26, 2012 KMBerger has taken the lead, guessing correctly that this photo is from The West Point Inn within Mt. Tamalpais State Park. At one time the inn was located along a railroad that took the wealthy up the mountain, but today you have to hike in. Rooms and cabins run just $50/night in the high season which is a steal to have a nearly private spot on the side of the mountain after the park closes. Bring a bottle of wine and food to cook in the gas-powered kitchen (there’s no electricity); then watch the fog roll in over the city and bay from the wraparound porch as you eat your evening meal. Nothing beats it.

Leaderboard as of 6/26/2012

  1. KMberger – 15 pts
  2. Randy – 10 pts