Amazing: 6.5 miles and it felt like no big deal

I know I haven’t been updating as frequently as I should be – this week was rough timewise, starting with a two hike weekend (team hike on Saturday and then an alumni hike on Sunday for those who did a hike a previous season). I’ll get photos up from last weekend’s hikes shortly.

But in the meantime, an amazing nugget: I walked to and from work today, with a stop at TJ Maxx & REI on the way home (not really on the way, but seemed not that far out of the way). Just out of curiosity I hit up the Google Maps to draw out my trip and see how far I walked. The shocking grand total: 6.5 miles (2.4 to work, 4.1 home). I say shocking because that sounds like a huge distance, but it didn’t phase me in the least. Heck, I could have kept walking on the way home. Just goes to show how conditioned we are to think of distances beyond a mile or two as “major” when in reality if you do it enough it isn’t really all that bad.

View Walk July 16 in a larger map

I don’t think I’ll ever go back to thinking of distances the same way after this experience.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, I did have some shopping fun. New shirt and jacket from TJ Maxx. New hiking boots, wicking undies and hiking socks from REI (that’s right, there is such a thing as special underwear for hiking/exercising… and if it weren’t so expensive I’d wear it everyday frankly.)