Marin Headlands, Bon Tempe and Lagunitas lakes and Valle Vista

Marin Headlands, Bon Tempe and Lagunitas lakes and Valle Vista

It’s been a very busy couple weeks since I’ve posted about my weekend team hikes. Hard to find time for everything with the hike training, team events, fundraising, work and what little semblance of life I have outside of that (which isn’t much… just getting to laundry has been tough the last two weeks).

The quick recap: Last weekend was a two-hike weekend. Saturday we had a 4-hour hike at Valle Vista in Moraga (part of EBMUD). Sunday was an alumni hike, where previous year LLS hike participants get together for a little fun on the trail followed by a pub. Our destination was Bon Tempe Lake and Lagunitas Lake in Marin. Then yesterday it was back to Marin for a 4.5 hour hike in the Headlands; we took a break for lunch on the trail, but figured we did close to 10 miles, with a 20-minute lunch break so we made good time (20-25 minute miles on a trail with extended steep inclines is pretty good on such a long hike, though I have to remind my competitive self that it’s not a race;-)

The 4.5 hour hike yesterday was our first “black diamond” training hike. In the Rocky Mountains there are several trail options, but if we want to do a single or double black diamond we have to do at least 3 of the 4.5 hour or longer hikes, including an 8-10 hour team hike later in August. Those are the toughest trails. More on the trail options and my plans in a future entry… I’ve been obsessing about it enough that it will take up plenty of space in and of itself. The short of it, I’m aiming for the double-black diamond options, but not sure yet which one.

Oh, and if you are wondering, the new hiking boots were awesome. No blisters and the bottoms of my feet that were bothering me in my older boots on an earlier hike felt fine. I did have one hot spot (an area that felt a little rubbed, but not blistered) so will be playing with sock options at our next hike to figure out what works best to keep my feet happy.

On to the photos (the best part of these blog posts, right?). I’m just posting the best of the bunch; if you are lucky enough to be my Facebook friend you’ll see a lot more photos posted on my profile there.

Yesterday: Marin Headlands

The hike started at Rodeo Beach and quickly ascended into the fog along the Coastal Trail. You wouldn’t guess it from this shot, but there is a gorgeous Pacific coast down a steep cliff behind the group. The frequent foghorns and thick stew gave it an eerie feeling at the start of the hike.

Moss hung from tree branches, clearly enjoying the moist fog-thick air.

As we moved to the inland side of the Marin Headlands, the fog started to clear. Little wisps remained but quickly burned off. That trail in the distance is where we are heading.

A beetle commonly called a “stink bug.” Coach Steve is a entomologist and more than happy to pick up a bug.

Fog lingers over the water of the San Francisco Bay. In the distance above the fog is Sutro Tower in San Francisco.

Amazing clouds.

Sweet pea in full bloom.

Back at the coast we can at least catch a glimpse of the water, albeit still shrouded in haze.

All photos: Copyright Johanna Hoadley

Alumni Hike: Bon Tempe and Lagunitas lakes

The 3-hour alumni hike brought out some familiar faces from when I’d hiked the Grand Canyon in 2006, as well as a lot of people from more recent seasons that I had not yet met.

Rock art in a dry creek bed.

All photos: Copyright Johanna Hoadley

Valle Vista in Moraga

The Valle Vista team hike last weekend was a 4-hour one, that included a full-gear pace check. While not a competition, knowing each person’s comfortable hike pace helps the team to better organize into groups that move at similar speed both during training hikes and on the Rocky Mountain hike day when we’ll be organized with people from across the country. My pace: 16.05 minute/mile.

The water seen here is part of the drinking water system for the Bay Area and the land is part of the East Bay Municipal Utility District

All photos: Copyright Johanna Hoadley