Shopping for the feet, giving from the heart

My grand Sunday hike plans didn’t materialize, but no worries, I didn’t slack off. Besides getting my taxes in order (no small feat), I also went to Safeway and did some grocery shopping and “hiked” home up the steep hill – with a backpack and two plastic bags of goods (no small feat either). Did I mention not only do I live at the top of a hill by Buena Vista Park, but also up 3 tall flights of stairs in an old Victorian? It’s a good mini-workout for sure, especially with 30 pounds of groceries.

Today is my one “rest” day during the week, which I sorely needed (literally and figuratively). Doing tricep rows with 12-pound weights yesterday at the gym left my arms a tad bit achy. But I did get some pre-hike errands accomplished on the day off. No. 1: Finally bought a camera case for my SLR. It’s not waterproof, but does offer some protection so it will make me feel more secure bringing the camera with me on hikes. No. 2: Bought a couple new pairs of “SmartWool” socks (good hiking socks) in the hopes of evading any more blisters. My other pairs are a good 8 years old, so I’m hoping new ones will make a difference before this coming weekend’s Sunol hike.

Tomorrow is a very special get-together for all San Francisco Hike for Discovery and Team In Training (a sister group) participants: Cause for Celebration at Crowne Plaza in San Francisco. It’s part team-building social and part donor-search. While we’ll be enjoying an evening out, there will also be blood typing to add possible bone marrow donors to the donor bank list. I’m told the food and wine is always delicious at these events, but I’m as much excited about getting added to the donor list as I am about that.

And a quick fundraising note: Thanks to some very generous co-workers, friends and family, I’m up to a womping 94% of my goal. Amazing. Thanks so much to all of you (you know who you are). Just a little more to go…

Help the cause: If you haven’t already donated for the hike and would like to pitch in to help me reach my $3,500 minimum goal (and in turn help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in their fight against blood cancers), log on to for more information and an online donation form. Rather donate via check? E-mail me for details.