Jinxed on the team hike

Today’s team hike to Sunol (Little Yosemite) was a bit of a bust. I think perhaps my early a.m. “I don’t feel like hiking much today” comment may have jinxed us, if you believe in such things. After the hour drive out to Sunol we found out that our spectacular 1,200 foot incline trails with great water features and views was impossible – the trail was flooded and underwater. So instead of a 4 hour steep incline hike, we trekked along a rolling gravel road along a swift and swollen river in the valley floor. Total hike time: Just under 2 hours. Pretty darn easy all around. Though it was annoying to have to drive just as long (hour each way) as the hike itself and I was really looking forward to seeing the trails that have gotten so much acclaim for their beauty.

The good news is that next weekend was a planned 4.5 hour buddy hike instead of a team hike. Each buddy group decides where they want to go and hikes as a smaller group. Our buddy group decided to give Sunol a try again next week, weather permitting. So I’ll still get to do the trail if all goes well.

I’m thinking tomorrow I’m going to go for a good long hike to make up for today’s rather easy one. Perhaps I’ll re-attempt last week’s San Bruno hike since it was so difficult for me. Or maybe walk to Twin Peaks from my place and do one of the stair climbs there.

Something learned

When wearing a waterproof jacket (even the “breathable” ones) and hiking, the moisture on the inside of the coat when you take it off is not sign of a leak. It’s sweat. Yuck.

Grand Canyon trail options

We got the basic information on our trail options for the Grand Canyon hike. We still have several weeks of training and “tests” to determine what we are capable of and which group of people we would be best hiking with. The trail options range from flat and paved along the rim to a very steep and very difficult hike with a 25% grade requiring coach’s approval before they will let you attempt it. We have an upcoming “step test” to determine our heart recovery rate, which will be used along with our coach’s opinion to determine which hike group we belong in. I’m aiming to do the most difficult trail, if Coach Carolyn deems me worthy. Otherwise there is another descend/ascend trail that has a slightly less steep grade that I would definitely be able to do.

Fundraising update

The fundraising continues to go well. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. With your help I’m up to 83% of my goal or $2,889. Getting close. So keep those donations coming!

Help the cause: If you haven’t already donated for the hike and would like to pitch in to help me reach my $3,500 minimum goal (and in turn help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in their fight against blood cancers), log on to http://www.active.com/donate/hfdsf/hfdJHoadle for more information and an online donation form. Rather donate via check? E-mail me for details.