Homes for sale on the walk home

Homes for sale on the walk home

The Trails GPS has been failing me this week – I think I screwed up the settings and now it isn’t checking waypoints frequently enough, otherwise, I’d share my map as well. Fussing with settings and hoping for a better outcome tomorrow.

As for my new “themed” walks, I decided today’s would be brought to you by San Francisco’s crazy real estate market. For those of you outside of SF, this should give you a little insight into my constant disappointment as I walk past beautiful homes only to realize I’m short about $600k to buy it. That’s better than 2 years ago when I would have been short about $1 million. But still. Sigh.

The homes for sale I passed today:
This two unit building in Hayes Valley is a steal at a mere $850k (I’m not kidding, that is a steal!) Listing Website (credit: Johanna Hoadley)

Sale was pending on the $850k 3 bedroom, 2 bath beauty on Page Street. Listing Website. (photo credit: Johanna Hoadley)

Here’s one that’s more affordable, also on Page Street: Only $600k. Too bad it’s a tiny one bedroom. Listing Website. (photo credit: Johanna Hoadley)

This one is only about a block from my place; nice modern 2 story condo. The price tag? $850k. Not bad frankly for a 3-bedroom place. Listing Website. (photo credit: Johanna Hoadley)

And last but not least: This home is one I walk past nearly everyday (it’s literally just around the corner from me, a few houses away). It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath. Cost: $1.7 million. Wow. Listing Website (photo credit: Johanna Hoadley)

There you have it. I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll do something that requires less post-walk research. Like maybe rubbish. Or chain links. Or no parking signs. Or graffiti. So many options!