Fundraising Update: Book swap, printer cartridge recycling and more

Fundraising Update: Book swap, printer cartridge recycling and more

Well, I’m coming up on the last month of training before the big hike. I’d hoped to have my fundraising all wrapped up by now, but this year is a tough one for many financially, so it’s a bit harder than my previous hike for LLS in the booming days of 2006. Having said that, with the help of many of you, I’ve gotten to more than 50% of my goal, which is no small feat. So thank you.

For those who haven’t donated but have been meaning to, there’s no time like the present!

Other ways to help if you are in the Bay Area:

* Stay tuned for details of a book swap and wine drinking event. Evite to come to all the San Franciscans out there. All the books you can take home for a measly tax-deductible donation to LLS? How could you say no?

* Ink jet printer cartridge collection: I’m collecting used ink jet printer cartridges to recycle with proceeds going to LLS. Have some you’ve been meaning to recycle? Please give ’em to me. Every little bit helps.

* Simple way to help? Pass my fundraising link along to your friends and family, post it to Facebook, and help get the word out to anyone who might be interested in helping in the fight against blood cancer.

My latest fundraising stats:
Amount raised to date: $2,435.75
Percent of overall goal: 54%
Amount to go: $2,064.25