Walk walk crunch

Walk walk crunch

Since I’m going to miss this coming Saturday’s hike, I’m trying hard to get in as much as I can this week. Today I walked both to and from work (taking a long way home, to get a full 3.3 miles that direction, for a total of 5.5 miles today). Then I did the P90X Ab Ripper (that thing kicks my arse… er… I mean stomach).

My walks are different everyday; I usually just keep moving, so if I get to a corner and can’t cross because the light isn’t in my favor, I just keep on going even if it means a more circuitous route. Although today I found myself on a street with blatant drug deals and decided I should avoid that block. Don’t worry Mom & Dad – it was just a few blocks from City Hall and around the corner from a police station. So not really dangerous at 6 p.m., just not preferable to all the nicer city streets.

My next plan: Themed walks. To keep things interesting I figure I’ll pick a theme each day and then take snapshots with my iPhone when I pass something that fits the theme. Some ideas so far:

  • Homes for Sale
  • Street and Sidewalk Art
  • Interesting Architecture
  • Homeless SF
  • Gardens/Flowers
  • Rubbish
  • Only in S.F.

What would you add to the list? (post a comment, I could use some more ideas, I have a lot more walking to do before the big hike on Sept. 12!)