Recommitment Day

Today is Recommitment Day – a day that, honestly, has been at the back of my mind for a couple weeks. What is recommitment, you ask? It’s the day when I say, no matter what, I will be hiking and will raise my goal. As my Hike for Discovery mentor described it in a recent e-mail reminder, “recommitment is the point where you finally commit to the hike by agreeing to raise the funds and it is also the time to send in all the paperwork detailing your travel plans.”

The part that has been preying on my mind isn’t the committing to doing the canyon hike. My training is going well. I feel good and healthy and am excited for the trip. The part that is hard for me is comitting to the money. $3,500 is a lot of money. And today I agreed that if I didn’t reach my minimum goal, I will personally pay the difference. Being someone who hates to ask for money, even when it’s for such a good and deserving cause, means that goal is a little stressful when I stop and think about it. I’m definitely not sales person material!

But today, on recommitment day, I’m feeling pretty good about the goal and the forms I signed and submitted. I’m already 50% to my goal, with a little more than a month left for fundraising. Thanks so much to the many generous friends, co-workers and family members who have helped so far.

So instead of dwelling on the money left to raise, I’m going to drop my usual end of blog begging message and leave tonight’s message with a very heartfelt thank you. (and a prayer that it isn’t raining or snowing tomorrow on our hike — yes, snow is in the forecast.)

Good night and happy Recommitment Day!