Backpacking the Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail

Park closures: Castle Rock, Annadel and more saved

According to The California Report‘s tally, as of today, June 13, 2012, of the 70 parks slated to close, 28 of them have been saved putting the total parks in jeopardy at 42 (although this number is continually evolving). Here’s a quick recap of some of the latest news:

The California Report in particular is keeping close tabs on the state park closures with their On The Rocks special report. The stellar package includes an updated map of all of the state’s parks (embedded below) with color coded markers:

BLUE: Open
RED: Still on the closure list

View California State Park Closures in a larger map

Here’s hoping for more good news in the coming days.

Photo above is backpacking the Skyline-To-The-Sea Trail which runs through Castle Rock State Park which was given a 1-year reprieve this week