Banner Peak reflected in Thousand Island Lake along the John Muir Trail (Eric Ragland/Used with Permission)

Overheard: “I would f*cking shiv you for a beer right now”

On day 5 of a backpacking trip on the John Muir Trail, we were sitting at the edge of Thousand Island Lake enjoying an amazing view of Banner Peak reflected in the water. (Photo above courtesy of Eric Ragland)

The following exchange was so counter to the unbelievably peaceful backdrop, it wins top honors in our overheard on the trail series to date.

It looks just like a beer can.
– Backpacker 1, Markkus Rovito

I would f*cking shiv you for a beer right now.
– Backpacker 2, Eric Ragland

Have you heard (or overheard) an amusing quote while on the trail? Do share!

Photo by Eric Ragland, used with permission