Maybe a bit overboard?

I had my first bad blister problems on the big San Bruno hike 2 weeks ago. And last weekend the blisters on the back of my heal and under the ball of my foot were bothering me again. I can’t have that in the canyon, so I took in lots of advice from fellow hikers and hit the stores: REI and Walgreens. Looking at the stack of wares, I think I may have gone a bit overboard.

I got some blister gels, mole skin, big fabric latex bandages and a pair of liner socks. This is in addition to some previously purchased blister gels (that felt good last week, but didn’t stay put in my shoes for the whole hike) and some spongey skin cover things that are supposed to prevent blisters. And I made an appointment for a pedicure, in hopes of getting my callouses down to size might help stop those pesky bottom of the foot problems.

Now I just have to decide which of these things I’m going to try first in the canyon! Sheez.