Marin Headlands buddy hike

Marin Headlands buddy hike

Last weekend was a “buddy hike” in the Marin Headlands. For those who have been following the blog for awhile, you’ve heard that phrase before. Basically every weekend we have a team hike (each one getting progressively more difficult and longer) to train for the big hike in September, but interspersed are occasional buddy hikes where a smaller portion of the team hikes together for a 4-hour hike. The shorter hikes break up the training, as well as allow us to get to know our teammates a little better in smaller group settings.

The 4-hour hike Saturday took us up along the Miwok trail from the Tennessee Valley parking lot, to the Coyote Ridge trail and ultimately Coastal Trail to Muir Beach. We then came back along Pirates Cove trail to the Coastal Trail.

It was without a doubt our foggiest hike yet. At one point everyone’s hair was dripping with moisture — but it wasn’t sweat and it wasn’t raining, just fog. Really really thick fog. But it cleared enough for some nice, albeit gray, coastal views on the loop back.

Up Next: Mt. Diablo for a 5.5 hour hike on Saturday. Should be a good and hot one.

Here are the snapshots from the hike…

Hiking uphill into the thick, wet fog.

Do you see three animals?

One of our team honorees – a young girl fighting ALL (a form of Leukemia)

Muir Beach

All photos: Copyright Johanna Hoadley