hikerly is now on Facebook, twitter and foursquare

Hikerly + social = great hikes

Hiking for most of us is a social experience. Hiking 18 miles alone has its pluses for introspection and learning yourself, but doing it with a group of friends gabbing on the trail makes the miles fly by and the creates shared experiences.

I personally love how social tools like foursquare, Facebook and twitter can make real life, on the trail experiences, more valuable. That’s why you’ll now find hikerly on all three of those social networks.

  • Foursquare: You may not think of foursquare when it comes to the outdoors (isn’t that where you check in at bars and see what friends are at the bar next door?) but it’s a great tool for exploring. Hikerly is now posting tips about our favorite hikes and outdoors businesses.
    1. Follow us and you’ll get tips when you check in at or near the places we post about.
    2. Add our tips to your to do list to start making a hiking bucket list
    3. Use the Explore tab in the mobile app after following us and you’ll be able to browse any geographic area and see our tips and suggestions with those of other foursquare users
  • Facebook: Like us on Facebook to get the latest hikerly suggestions, posts or to talk with us and share your comments.
  • Twitter: Hiking news, tweets, retweets and more. Plus you can tweet us anytime!

Let’s connect and hit the trail!