Dress Rehearsal: Mount Diablo from the top down

Dress Rehearsal: Mount Diablo from the top down

Saturday’s hike was our “big one” – the six hour dress rehearsal for the Grand Canyon at Mount Diablo. We hiked from the top down, and back up, with all the gear we expect to have in the canyon, including 128 fl. oz. of water (that’s 4 liters), lunch, clothing layers, rain gear, cameras, hats, appropriate clothing, etc. So a tough steep mountainous hike with a heck of a heavy pack.

The hike was sadly short on views. We slowly inched through a thick fog as we drove up to the summit trail head. It was hard to see more than 2 feet in front of the car. We cleared the fog just as we came to the parking lot, but that meant most of our hike down the hill was clouded in a thick, spooky white haze.

As we climbed pack up out of the warm thick fog, it got hot and sunny. It was by far our hottest hike. Not a cloud graced the sky above the fog line, which was about all we could see from the upper portions of the hike.

I have been very lucky on the hikes so far; unlike many hikers, I haven’t had a bout with blisters since early in the hike season. But Saturday was my downfall – I managed to get not one, but 2 blisters. One on the back of my heel, and another on the bottom (ball) of my foot. And then there were the hives, thanks to my sweaty wool hiking socks and very sensitive skin. Let’s just say, it wasn’t very pleasant. Luckily I did have full gear with me – which meant a first aid kit with bandaids and neosporin. They at least helped a little.

But as everyone pointed out – it will be just as hot in the canyon on hike day, though a drier heat. So I’m working on my preventative plan now. From special blister block stickies to an extra pair of socks to change into part way through the hike. Hopefully in the canyon my feet will be a little less unhappy.

Oh, and sunglasses. The one thing I forgot to bring to Mount Diablo, are a must!

Fundraising Update:

I know I haven’t mentioned it in my last few posts, since I did reach my minimum fundraising goal. But the fundraising continues to go well. I’m nearly up to $4,000. (Anyone want to give the last $41 to get me to that nice round number?) And though the official fundraising deadline has past, I’ve been told that we have until June 18 to continue bringing in money. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society can do so much more, the more I can raise.

So if you want to give still, please do – it’s a great cause. And you’ll get something cool from me at the canyon (I’m not telling though, it’ll be a surprise for all my donors;-)

Here’s that link to donate online: www.active.com/donate/hfdsf/hfdJHoadle