Book Swap: If you weren't there you missed out!

Book Swap: If you weren’t there you missed out!

My hike buddy Debbie and I had our first-ever book swap in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. For those of you who came out, thank you! I hope you had fun and left with some books you are excited to read. I had a blast, even though it did get a tad crowded there for a bit (20 people in my apartment is a bit much at one time) We raised nearly $300 for LLS. Rockin’.

If you didn’t make it out but have been meaning to donate, time is running out, so get on it! The hike is about 3 weeks away, and fundraising deadline is just 7 days away.

Fundraising stats:
Money raised: $2885.75
Percent of goal: 76%
Amount left to go: $914.25

Help me get that last 24% here.

In other news, I know I’ve been slacking on the photo updates and training news. Sorry! I’ll get some photos up tonight or tomorrow from the last two hikes: Mt. St. Helena and Marin Headlands. Up next this Saturday is our “dress rehearsal” hike on Mt. Tam. It’s an 8-hour hike. Woo hoo!